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Social Media Marketing (SMM) provides adequate opportunities to the organization to listen and interact with their target audiences through various popular public networking platforms. SMM helps the organization to create content that attracts the interest and encourages viewers to discuss about your products and services on their social media networks.


We at ActiveX, we focused on providing SMM and SMN (Social Media Networking) services to organizations and help them to create their space online. As a digital marketing agency, we understand and execute a social media strategy for a brand to cover their core marketing objectives and define a path for social media creation, social media optimization, delivery and measurement. We customized our solutions according to our client’s requirements.

How we do it?

Creating and executing the social media strategy is the key to any Social Media Activity, therefore for creating a successful social media campaign to our clients we follow the below steps

  • Understanding objectives: Before the commencement of any social campaign, our team draw a roadmap with clear goals, tools, budgets and expected outcome for the campaign in order to understand what our client’s needs in long term from Social Media Platform.
  • Choosing best social media platform for your campaign: Not every campaign is similar in nature, therefore choosing the best social platform for your campaign plays an important role as every social media platform as its own target market.
  • Measuring Results: We use all the latest technology for monitoring and measuring the performance of our client’s campaign. With detailed statistics & analytics, we modify & adjust your social media marketing campaign as per the network’s performances.
  • Reports & Statistics: By understanding the behavior of online consumer we deliver a complete statistical report relating to your brand on social media networks.