virtual support executives


Activex Virtual support services are those that improve the efficiency of busy professionals. They are designed to reduce the time you spend on communicating information to those who work for you and with you, assist you in taking useful notes, sending email and making your life easier. Combine virtual assistant support from Type-thing Services to suit your particular needs: phone-in dictation, secretarial support, layout and design, data base entry and maintenance, etc.

Wherever you have a phone, you can call in to dictate notes, send an email, send a fax, send a letter, or leave a message for us to perform a task for you. We’ll transcribe the information and follow your direction. Use commuting time to handle some of your tasks or ensure critical communications are done immediately.  Dictate right after a meeting while the information is fresh in your mind. Have an idea now? Call in right away to dictate your thoughts, or have us direct others to perform tasks through email, fax, or a letter.

Type-thing Services

Areas of work
include:     Note taking, letters, action requests, program direction, sending email, retrieving and transcribing voicemail, entering and submitting data via forms or websites, vouchers, Internet research, appointment and calendar maintenance, as well as all other office support and secretarial services provided by from Type-thing. Transcription of existing digital audio files.
Work provided to you:    
Email or letters sent on your behalf to one person or a list of people, notes and other material emailed to you, printed material, CDROM, DVDROM, via email attachment, or mailed for you. Faxes sent to one or more persons.


Past experience includes:     
Support of executive staff in large or small organizations, individual entrepreneurs, traveling businessmen, doctors, attorneys, locally and at a distance as a virtual assistant.  Some of the work we’ve provided includes these areas:

  • Architects
  • Authors
  • Attorney
  • Board Chair
  • CEOs
  • CIOs
  • Financial Planners
  • Fund Managers
  • Presidents
  • Reporters
  • Sales Executives

References used:     
We utilize standard electronic dictionaries, topical references; however, we can provide more useful products at times notes about your specific terminology, your specific email and contact lists, accounts, and access lists.

We typically charged by the hour.  Some repetitive activity may be charged by the task.