ACTIVEX DDoS protection services go beyond network appliances and intrusion detection to protect network traffic from being interrupted by DDoS attacks Find out why Prolexic is the world’s largest and most trusted DDoS protection service provider DDoS attacks are getting bigger and more complex. With limited bandwidth and sophistication, other DDoS protection service providers can no longer mitigate or prevent today’s multi-vector DoS and DDoS attacks. ACTIVEX’s DDoS protection services are different – they have more capacity, are implemented in minutes and stop all attacks. They even prevent DDoS attacks. DDoS attackers who see traffic has been rerouted through our DDoS protection network will often abandon their attacks. What makes PEBSOL the best DDoS protection service? Largest and most-trusted DDoS protection service provider Dedicated DDoS protection network DDoS protection from all DDoS attacks, even encrypted attacks and application layer attacks Live, experts DDoS protection personnel block sophisticated DDoS attacks fast Steps you can take now to prepare for and maintain business continuity during a DDoS attack The three most important components to put in your DDoS attack incident response plan How to ensure the plan will work if and when a DDoS attack strikes your enterprise

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HTTP Flood Attack
HTTP Flood attacks are becoming very popular attacks on online services, however they are hard to detect and to mitigate.

dns ddos amplification attack

Attackers are taking advantages of weaknesses in the DNS protocol in order to launch a high bandwidth sophisticated attack on their victim using amplification effects

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DDoS Explained

What is DDoS? How does it impact my business? How does a DDoS attack occur? This short video explains Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and helps you understand the power of such attacks.

R-U-Dead-Yet, RUDY DDoS Attack Tool

RUDY is a low and slow DoS attack tool. It targets web servers with hard to detect, lethal HTTP POST byte-by-byte requests and efficiently depletes the servers’ resources.

optima bot
Optima bot

Optima is a malware that turns computers into bots which become part of a bot army that launches DDoS attacks against websites. It is powerful and has the ability to launch hundreds of attacks at a time using different attack vectors.

slowloris ddos attack tool
Slowloris DDoS Attack Tool

The first known slow rate attack tool Slowloris, is a powerful DoS weapon targeting web servers with incomplete low and slow HTTP GET requests that exhausts the web servers’ resources.

ssl dos attack tool
THC-SSL-DOS Attack Tool

An SSL session starts with an SSL handshake where the client and the server negotiate the SSL key. In a TCH-SSL-DOS attack, the client repeatedly asks for a key renegotiation, a costly operation that exhausts the server’s resources.

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Counterattacks: Changing the Dynamics of a Cyber

A Cyber attacks are becoming even more sophisticated and traditional defenses are not always sufficient. With counterattacks, the defenders are able to reach out to the attackers, discourage them, slow the attacks down and eventually stop them.