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ActiveX, an IT and Communication solutions provider, understands the unique needs and requirements of every business. We work closely with our customers and provide customized web-based business applications that helps to improve the productivity and performance of your organization. Our social media team is dedicated to managing your brand on social media platforms by reaching out to existing and prospective customers, sharing news and stories about your brands and bringing you close to your audience. Our team of web designers creates unique web pages and optimizes the flow of traffic to increase viewership of your brand’s webpage. Our channel marketing experts advise strategies to move your products into the market. We provide IT & Communication Services in various forms and tuned to the specific needs of the client with several options based on technical and financial requirements.

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What is Partnership – Youth Development Project ?
Answer: A working opportunity with ACTIVEX – ASWO for youth underage group 20-25 years old

What benefits?
Answer: one person can start work from home with us and earn 25k to 45k every month, 100% حلال رزق

What I need to have for start work with ActiveX-ASWO?
Answer:  You need to have 1-Computer , Internet Connection, 1 Mobile Phone, and Business Skills

What Kind of Job I’ll do?

Answer: This is not a job, this is a project and trying to help you for stand in business industry and start work for your self with investment

What investment I need to do?

Answer: You need to invest 15,000 (as security deposit) this amount charged because of surety that you are loyal with program and do not cheat or fraudulent with  organization incase of fraud or misconduct this amount will not be come refund.

What I need to do?
Answer:  Our organization give you daily task like: Phone call followups with industry, Introduce products, Ads Posting on Social Network (fb, twitter, linked etc) and marketing

When I will start earning?

Answer: first need to give an affidavit that you will never cheat or fraud with organization incase yourself found in fraud then security deposit amount will be not claimable with sign dispatch or drop to office, and payment will deposit in our Official Bank account: ActiveX, once done all things from second day you can start work with us.

What time i need to spend with you on this project?

Answer: That is 8 Hours job, if you can give 8 hours (working hours) from 9am to 5pm, Saturday/Sunday is Off.

When I do get Salary? 

Answer: That is not your job that is your business, you invest 15,000 as security deposit which you can refund on 1-month application to organization, when you will work 1-month, based on your performance salary will be generate, like if you work on daily basis and sale lead generate then your earning will be 25k to 45k depend on task and your performance.

ActiveX’s supporting people 25 years peoples with the help of ASWO (Asaan Saraiki Welfare Organization) our aim is train single person as business man, who will work and start earning under ActiveX (Technology)



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